Friday, June 09, 2006

Thank God they can cook!!!

There are alot of things I dont like about Hong Kong. For a start everyone is so rushed in the city and moving at a hundred miles an hour, with miserable looks on their faces. The bus drivers may not speak good english but alot of them are out and out rude, and I think rudeness is just ingrained in the culture. People dont open doors for each other but rather slam them in peoples faces as I once saw. There are also huge amounts of cars and crazy pollution, as well as very humid air so its hard to breath. On top of this when it rains it really chucks it down and ive been left with a de ja vu of white water rafting!

As a tourist here Hong Kong dosent appeal to me as shopping and rushing around seems to be the sole purpose. However like every place when you spend time with locals the magic of a place can be unlocked. On one night I went out with mouley and 2 hong kong girls. After calling mouley fat in cantonese and then telling me how I could call him fat we ate at an outdoor chinese restraurant with lots of students. The food was amazing and put chinese takeaways to shame. Then we moved on to karoki where I sang 7 back to back songs and dilluted the stage with raw garbage. It felt good tho and the chinese girls seemed to take to it.

The next night we met mouleys aunt who took us out to the best restraurant in the world. I dont know what it was called but it producd the best meal Ive ever had in my life. The crabs, chicken, shrimps and pork on resulted in a feast that as a backpacker was heavenly. The waitresses were also amazing and looked just like those massage girls in rush hour 2.

Hong Kong is definitely a cool place and its been an experience to be here but after 5 days im ready to move on to exotic thailand. I want to leave the pollution, cars and annually pissed bus drivers behind! I'll miss the food tho, I suppose i'll always have the wok express take away.



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