Monday, June 05, 2006

Rush hour 3

I have now arrived in the next segment of my journey and i feel like ive landed on mars. Coming from the tranquil new zealand where people are happy and laid back ive been transported to a world of fast pace and craziness. Traffic Jams, bright lights and millions of people in a rush it what Hong Kong seems to me.

Im staying with my chinese ally mouley from back home and in his house he is the only person who speaks english. With my height and my ambivilance to this world i feel lost in translation alot and when i asked a guard where the nearest cash machine was he told me where i could kill a goat!

Hong KOng is definitely one of the most amazing places ive ever been. The culture and energy of the people is amazing and although I am the tallest person by far I feel engaged and like a movie star in rush hour 3! I also feel im causing quite a few problems as im intent on taking photos with lots of old chinese people who cant speak the language and tried all 24 flavours at the Hagen das ice cream store!

The air in Hong kOng is thick and humid and with the language barrier I truly feel a million miles from home. But with mouley here im having one of the most engaging experiences in my life. I definitely couldnt live here and I feel trapped in comparison to the open air in new zealand. Im luvin the food though it is out of this world. Anywayz time to go n find jackie chan and ask him if he can teach me kung fu! I also am trying to learn chinese but its a mixed up language, mouley is trying but hes as fluent my dad in botswanian! I also want to touch my spritual side with some thai chi,which is chinse yoga!

Ive travelled so far and met so amny people but everywhere I go the world is so diverse and special in its own magical way. When you get a chinse take away or go to china town think of me,


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