Friday, June 23, 2006

Nelly the Elephant treking in the Jungle!

North of Chaing Mai I embarked on a 2 day Jungle Trek, which involved a whole lot of walking, bit of swimming, a ride on a huge elephant and rafting on bamboo. This was a crazy asian jungle adventure!

The first thing that made the whole journey somewhat crazy was that our thai team leader thought he was Jackie Chan. He kept on practicing kung-fu and cutting down random trees as we used deforestation to get through the jungle. Then when we finally made our way out of the jungle after hiking for 3 hours we found a small hut with one room to sleep in. The whole thing was a cool experience but the lack of electricity and huge amount of asian insects made life a bit uncomfortable.

The next day we rode some elephants and alot of people realised their dreams. Riding on an elephant through the jungle is a sereal experience and a sometimes scary one as the elephant devours trees around hima and sometimes just goes on his own route. The animasl seemed lethargic and clumsy but you could only feel soory for the huge amimal as they were treated so badly by their owners. They were whipped cut and smashed around with groans of pain, and it was a completely different experience to the South African safari. This animal was not free he lumbered around not out of choice or mystery, but because it was forced to do so. The whole thing was completely manufactured.

The next leg of the adventure was the bamboo rafting. At first we had a raft with the 2 girls and Muoley and me, but the raft snak. I bame Mouley and Burger King for this. Then we seperated the raft and floated for 2 glorious hours to our destination, the whole thing was a complete contrast to the jungle treking of the previous day.

Now I leave Thailand and conclude my journey feeling amazed by what Ive seen and ready to return home. I dont really feel tired from travelling I rather feel refreshed by it and am ready to return to the home crew.



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