Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Kingdom of Thailand and a Big Budha

Today I went with Mouley, Charlotte and Abby to visit the Kings Palace in Bqangkok and some absolutely huge giant gold Budha. The Palace sparkles with gold and diamonds and is stunning, and puts Buckingham Palace to shame.

The Palace is so vast and beautiful and brings to life eastern art. There is a painting of the story of thai history on the inside which winds around all the interior walls and on the whole it dosent seem as voilent as the history of the west. The Buddist culture shines through and inside on building was a golden holy room where people prayed and meditated. When we came out people were dipping flowers in water and putting them on their heads so I followed their lead. I dont know what the whole ceremony meant but hopefully ignorance is bliss.

Then on we moved to the giant Budha. It was ridiculously big and the statue occupied at least 200 metres in length. The whole experience was hugely spiritual! Religion is dominant in Thaialnd but not in an oppressive way. Religion means peace here and it is used to solve disputes and not start them. Maybe this reflects the minute amount of wars Thaialnd has been involved in.



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