Monday, June 12, 2006

Full Moon Party!

Last Night and this morning I was at the biggest and best party of my life. Ive left the city of Hong Kong and am now in Thailand. After arriving at the airport I rushed to meet Mouley, Raj, a Danish girl and an English guy who had just come from India to get a 14 hour coach and ferry to the island of Ko Samui. The island is like a beautiful women with too much make up on! It is full of tourists and reminded me of the Greek island Kos. However in the evening we took a taxi over to the next island Ko Pan Yang for the famous full moon party. Every month on the full moon 10,000 people join for a huge party on the beach and it was an amazing party.

The beach was full of people dancing, fire dancers reminscent of those in Cape Town, lots of food, drinks, bars and music and the party just never stopped. Its probably still going on too be honest with you. People were all so happy, with people dancing on rocks, roofs, trees and the beach. The party had so many people and was so crazy that by the end people just danced in the sea as there was no space on the beach. Happy days!

The thailand culture seems to be so friendly and happy though to be honest im on a tourist island so I cant claim to know the real thailand as of yet. We are moving up to another island soon called Ko Tao which is supposed to have some of the best scuba diving in the world. If Ive taken on sharks I feel I can dive however with my mate mouley in the water he could provoke anything, or on the other hand he may just float. We are going to do a diving course and hopefully get licenses to free dive.

After that I have an obsession with Ko Pi Pi the island on which the film, 'The Beach' was made so we will head over to the other end of the country to an island of seclusion and beauty as apposed to the tourist haven which we're in now. South East Asia is a special place and the people and the culture are so diverse. The other day everyone stood and bowed to the sattue of their king which was made of gold. Very different!



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