Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Been around the world and I........

I have finally come to the end of the best and craziest 5 months of my life. I arrived home on Sunday and Im still in a daze attempting to fit into the normality and routine of life. I think thats partly the reason for this final page, a kinda attempt to reflect on what ive done. Every place I went to was special, whether it was the women of South Africa or the food of Hong Ong, the extreme sports of New Zealand or the fruit smoothies on the ebach in Aus, every place was a cool experience. Thank you to everyone for the emails along the way some encouraging and others very funny. This blog was my down time, my time to think and looking back on it triggers amazing memories. Im gonna leave my last ever blog with a list of my 11 favourite moments.

Cant wait to see all my mates again and to the friends I met along the way I hope our paths cross again maybe not in such crazy circumstances, who knows!

11) White Water Rafting- Ive still got water in my ears
10) Elephant treking in the Jungle - very spiritual
9) Meeting Harold Bishop-WHAT A MOMENT!
8) Climbing Table Mountain- was a bitch but felt like rocky at the top.
7) Full Moon Party- 10,000 people raving on the beach cant go wrong .
6) Ice Glacier Hike- weird and sereal but so amazing.
5) South African Safari- felt like Jurassic Park and seeing Lions was cool, if the Lion had eaten someone this could have been no.1!
4) Sharkdiving- The most frightening and mesmorising moment of them all, just happy im alive really!
3) Cave Adventure- Just so much fun, abseiling, rafting and hiking up waterfalls, adrenaline rush!
2) Skydiving- Jumping out of a plane at 200 mph freefalling 1.5 miles, nuff said.
1) Dancing in South African Townships- Coolest moment and the moment which meant the most. Amazing spirit of South Africa brought out here, the place where people were the happiest was the place they were the poorest.

Favourite place: Cape Town South Africa

Funniest person I met: Twang the Australian from Club Twang

Best Food: Hong Kong! (thank god they can cook)

Most beautiful women: South Africa

Over and Out.
Final Log Off.



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