Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Livin like a Kiwi!

For the last few weeks Ive been livin with 3 kiwis in a flat and playing a bit of squash as well with the nz national squad.

The first kiwi is actually an imigrant from Pakistan and is now the no.1 squash player in nz. Another Martin is no. 4 in New Zealand and is a mate I met in England, and Chook is a white maori who is seriously funny. After meeting the stereotypical aussie Twang from Melbourne, Chook is my caricature of a kiwi. He is talll with a huge beard,wheres a beanie when sleeping and hates aussis like Twang hated kiwis. He told me a very funny story about an aussi who paid a cab driver for a 3 hour journey to get to the nearest KFC! F###ing typical dumbass aussie was his response to that. I also met his brother who is a kiwi porn star.

Ive been staying in Auckland which is the biggest Kiwi city by far. It is hated by the rest of the country because of the huge roads and pollution, as well as the less friendly atmosphere in comparison to the South island. I must say that Auckland is not my favourite place in New Zealand. It is a good place to live but when youve experienced English and Aussie cities Auckland dosent really attract you. I didnt come to New Zealand to see big cities though and ive been privileged to see such a beautiful country, with the most diverse landscape you could ever imagine.

A wise man once told me that you travel to meet people because you can simply look in books to see things, but its the people you meet who make your travels. To an extent I really believe that. Through my sport ive been blessed by the fact that ive met so many people from the countries ive travelled to. Although this seems strange you meet so many english people who sit in English hostiles, only talk to english people, travel on an english bus and sit around watching english tv. The people ive met in the southern hemisphere are so cool and interesting. In New Zealand ive met the most open and friendly people ive ever met. People are so welcoming and a beer in the pub or a game of sport literally means your related. The culture is so laid back which contrasts to the crazy madness of skydiving, abseiling and white water rafting!

Although they act alot like farmers at times and they are obsessed with the environment, im going to miss my kiwi mates and the kiwi culture. All the countries Ive really loved and could have stayed forever and it'll be weird leaving what at the moment seems like home. The good news though is that I survived jumping out of a plane. On the down side though kiwi women have nothing on the South African women in Cape town!

Anywayz after that deep blog im off to Hong Kong where the height of the chinese people should lighten thew mood!

Over and Out from New Zealand. Neil


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