Monday, May 22, 2006

Joelly, Hobiton, Milking Cows and Complete Randomness!

The next post im about to write is so utterly random its gonna sound like im in a combination of Mars and Wales. Well here we go. The madness started when I met Joel (for those in South Africa hes a mate from school). We met at a bar in Auckland called Globe, and there was a girls v. guys competition happening which Joel entered. What followed was utter jokes will Joel proceeding to kiss another guy, electricute himself downing orange juice and stripping. There was also alot of other crazy stuff that was just outright wrong! All was sadly in vain as the stupid girls stole a victory cos they could scream louder. Joel was ok though he met a random tramp outside and they became good friends. Once a hippie always a hippie!

Im now staying in a flat with 3 kiwi squash players for a week or so and when I went to a local tournamnet we stayed in a farmers house, who was one of the dads of a player we knew. The next day the New Zealand no. 1 squash player who had emmigrated from Pakistan wanted to go and milk cows! What resulted was all of us having to play farmers for a while. It was defintiely an experience and although it wasnt skydiving it was crazy moment. I dont think farming is for me but if you go to New Zealand and dont visit a farm you feel kind of cheated!

Oh yeh I went to another Rugby match, the Auckalnd blues vs the Chiefs. In this match the whole of my stand were shouting at the Chiefs scrum half who married a pornstar.

But best of all I visited the real town of Hobbiton. I didnt actually meet Frodo but there was alot of people who looked like him there. I felt like I was gandolf comapred to those minatures.

Im chilling out a bit at the moment and am soon off to Hong Kong, to make rush Hour 3 with Mouley. Over and Out. Neil


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