Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Livin like a Kiwi!

For the last few weeks Ive been livin with 3 kiwis in a flat and playing a bit of squash as well with the nz national squad.

The first kiwi is actually an imigrant from Pakistan and is now the no.1 squash player in nz. Another Martin is no. 4 in New Zealand and is a mate I met in England, and Chook is a white maori who is seriously funny. After meeting the stereotypical aussie Twang from Melbourne, Chook is my caricature of a kiwi. He is talll with a huge beard,wheres a beanie when sleeping and hates aussis like Twang hated kiwis. He told me a very funny story about an aussi who paid a cab driver for a 3 hour journey to get to the nearest KFC! F###ing typical dumbass aussie was his response to that. I also met his brother who is a kiwi porn star.

Ive been staying in Auckland which is the biggest Kiwi city by far. It is hated by the rest of the country because of the huge roads and pollution, as well as the less friendly atmosphere in comparison to the South island. I must say that Auckland is not my favourite place in New Zealand. It is a good place to live but when youve experienced English and Aussie cities Auckland dosent really attract you. I didnt come to New Zealand to see big cities though and ive been privileged to see such a beautiful country, with the most diverse landscape you could ever imagine.

A wise man once told me that you travel to meet people because you can simply look in books to see things, but its the people you meet who make your travels. To an extent I really believe that. Through my sport ive been blessed by the fact that ive met so many people from the countries ive travelled to. Although this seems strange you meet so many english people who sit in English hostiles, only talk to english people, travel on an english bus and sit around watching english tv. The people ive met in the southern hemisphere are so cool and interesting. In New Zealand ive met the most open and friendly people ive ever met. People are so welcoming and a beer in the pub or a game of sport literally means your related. The culture is so laid back which contrasts to the crazy madness of skydiving, abseiling and white water rafting!

Although they act alot like farmers at times and they are obsessed with the environment, im going to miss my kiwi mates and the kiwi culture. All the countries Ive really loved and could have stayed forever and it'll be weird leaving what at the moment seems like home. The good news though is that I survived jumping out of a plane. On the down side though kiwi women have nothing on the South African women in Cape town!

Anywayz after that deep blog im off to Hong Kong where the height of the chinese people should lighten thew mood!

Over and Out from New Zealand. Neil

Monday, May 22, 2006

Joelly, Hobiton, Milking Cows and Complete Randomness!

The next post im about to write is so utterly random its gonna sound like im in a combination of Mars and Wales. Well here we go. The madness started when I met Joel (for those in South Africa hes a mate from school). We met at a bar in Auckland called Globe, and there was a girls v. guys competition happening which Joel entered. What followed was utter jokes will Joel proceeding to kiss another guy, electricute himself downing orange juice and stripping. There was also alot of other crazy stuff that was just outright wrong! All was sadly in vain as the stupid girls stole a victory cos they could scream louder. Joel was ok though he met a random tramp outside and they became good friends. Once a hippie always a hippie!

Im now staying in a flat with 3 kiwi squash players for a week or so and when I went to a local tournamnet we stayed in a farmers house, who was one of the dads of a player we knew. The next day the New Zealand no. 1 squash player who had emmigrated from Pakistan wanted to go and milk cows! What resulted was all of us having to play farmers for a while. It was defintiely an experience and although it wasnt skydiving it was crazy moment. I dont think farming is for me but if you go to New Zealand and dont visit a farm you feel kind of cheated!

Oh yeh I went to another Rugby match, the Auckalnd blues vs the Chiefs. In this match the whole of my stand were shouting at the Chiefs scrum half who married a pornstar.

But best of all I visited the real town of Hobbiton. I didnt actually meet Frodo but there was alot of people who looked like him there. I felt like I was gandolf comapred to those minatures.

Im chilling out a bit at the moment and am soon off to Hong Kong, to make rush Hour 3 with Mouley. Over and Out. Neil

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

White water rafting

Today I finally took to the rapids for some white water rafting. In my raft was 2 Austarlian AFL players, a moody kiwi woman, our chinese guide and moi. We were taught the basics, i.e paddle forward or paddle back. When the chinese guide made the call we were supposed to paddle back or forward, but she had some mixed up accent so it was pure carnage, which lots of swearing, screaming and praying.

We went down 3 waterfalls, one of them being 7 metres high. I'll let the pictures do the talking with that one. It was an amazing adrenaline rush and has definitely taught me to try to understand accents better even if it sounds like their chatting in kiwinese.

I feel on a constant high in new zealand cos there are so many amazing things to do and situations to test yourself in. I feel like my emotions are depleted right now cos im going from terrified to laughing within seconds, but im loving the life over here. In New Zealand people live alot more for the moment rather than the future which leads to a life where your always experiencing the present and you feel truly alive. In Nz what you can do is amazing but its the emotions you can feel that make it truly special. I think in the next week I definitely need some chill out time cos it feels like im sprinting all the time and I need some air.

Ive now taken on sharks, lions, skydived, climbed mountains, abseiled down caves and white water rafted, now all im scared of is a return to normality. Over and out. Neil

p.s. to Will I feel great! Could do with a towel and a cupcake though.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Great Maori Chief and Cave Adventure

Ive had 2 absolutely wonderful days. Yesterday night I went to a maori cultural night which was attended by 400 people. 4 people were asked from 4 buses to volunteer as the chief. I thought I was a good leader and put my name into the fire. I was chosen as nobody else wnated to do it. When we got there I was lined up in front of 4 maori warriors doing the haka with spears. Apparently they would chose one of us to pick up the peace offering and if we laughed it was seen as disrespectful so they would stab us! It was hard not to laugh when they stared into my eyes and waved their tongues around. Anywayz I was chosen to take the offering and did so leading the people into the maori village.

It was a cool night and the maori culture is so diverse and interesting, they are also build huge and are very strong. We ate the best meal ive had in a while and at the end the 4 chiefs were forced to do the haka in front of 400 people. Those house meetings did come in handy. After we did this we were presented with maori rings and the a chain with the head of a great maori chief on it which will make my spirit blessed. I feel enlightened already.

Today was the best adventure ive ever had in my life. Sky diving and shark diving can take a back seat to today cos this was awesome. I was first taught how to abseil on a hill which was quite funny cos I kept falling. After 3 falls they gave up and let me do the real thing which was 40 metres down into a cave. Somehow it all worked out and I got there.

After this we jumped through a pitch black hole attached to a rope. Then we jumped into water and inflatable hoops, which we paddled in. Then we threw them away and ran, ducked ( for me very low) and jumped our way through water caves. Then to climax the Indianna Jones journey we climbed up 3 water falls and slid down 1 to reach the finish after 5 hours. Today was the most fun I can remember having and was definitely an adventure. The trip shocks you makes you laugh and also wanna slap someone! Our guides were so funny and were happy to laugh at me for long periods.If your in NZ friends you must do this at Waitomo caves it is so special, like the chosen maori chief! Over and out. Neil

p.s. tomo comes white water rafting, the fanatsy continues.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shower under a waterfall, water from heaven!

Since I last jumped out of a plane the adventure has continued. This page is a bit of a summary one cos been busy since last post.

The Kiwi bus im on moved down to the amazing Queenstown. This place is truly special with beautiful mountains and tons of adventure sports. The party scence is so cool here too and we met loads of Australian Rugby players in the clubs, they are massive! Nobody started on them and they got quite a few phone numbers of girls, if I was the girls I would be scared of veing crushed.

On from Queenstown I moved up the east coast of da south island to kaikora a beautiful surf town where i went on a mamoth mountain walk with a french and german girl, sounds like a pub joke. The nxt stop on the bus was an amazing waterfall where a jet boat spun us around. The waterfall is famous as an ex. new Zealand test cricket umpire was dumped in the river by his mistress. She thought he was dead already but tests revielded that he died of drowning. it has also never been white water rafted as people think is is too high and would engulf the raft.

Then the bus moved onto the cultural capital of Wellington. I flew there which was cool and arrived for a Rugby union game. The Hurricanes played and the atmosphere was huge, they won which made the partys in town big. Unlike England everything is so close together in NZ so the everyone kinda partys together.

After Queenstown I moved up to Taupo a town built inside the crater of a 5 million year old volcano. It has a huge lake in the middle of it and is a nice little town. But the best thing about it is the mystical hotwater waterfall. I visited it today with some people from my hostile and lay under the steam shower from the waterfall. It is supposed to have super healing powers and is just another wonderful thing about New Zealand. One of the best chill out spots in the world.

My nxt stop is the maori city of Roturua with mud baths, white water rafting and black cave rafting. Time to stop bring superman and become indiana jones. Over and out. Neil