Friday, April 28, 2006

I Believe I can fly!

Today I did the most amazing thing i've evr done in my whole life. I jumped out of an aeroplane at 12,000ft! When I arrived at the airport I was buzzing with excitement as I looked at the stunning lake and mounatins I would be diving over. I then met my skydiving instructor who seemed like a crazy guy, the type that would jump out of planes!

Anyway as the plane started to climb and everything seemed small my stomach got very small and I wondered what the hell I was doing. Finally it was ntime to jump and as the wind smacked against my face I sat over the window. This was when I saw my whole life flash before me! That dramatic! Then we fell spinning and then freefalling for 45 seconds over 1.5 miles at 200miles an hour! It was the biggest rush ive ever experienced in my life and definitely the most frightening.

After descending 1.5 miles the instructor pulled the paracute and the whole world slowed down. It was an amazing moment as I could see miles ahead and through valleys, lakes and beautiful mounatains. It was so weird having gone so fast and now to be going so slow.

The instructor then proceeded to have a bit of fun and he spun me round a few times for jokes. Then we moved in for the landing with was again scary as the ground came towards us. As we landed I sighed with relief, put my hands on my knees and remained in a gaze of ectasy which im still in now! It was so liberating, If I can jump out of a plane I can do anything! The rush was amazing and it was definitely the most exciting moment of my life. I cant beleive I did it and I cant beleive im travelling around the world and experiencing so much, definitely the best decision I ever made. Over and out. I FEEL LIKE SUPERMAN!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ice Age

Today I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life as I climbed through an ice glacier.
To get to the glacier we had to trek through the rainforest, through rivers and jump on stones through lakes to get to the promised land of the glacier.

It was a sereal time walking with boots which had huge spikes in them and the guide used an axe to carve steps. The glacier is absolutely stunning and the sun gleams off the ice. It seemed as if you were in the film ice age, apart from the fact there were stunning waterfalls and a rainforest next to the glacier! The diversity of scenery is amazing here and it made even me feel very small. Just as we walked off the galcier huge amounts of ice avalached down the glacier! Good timing.

Soon I will be in Queenstown the extreme sports capital of the world, and the party capital of New Zealand. NZ is a different world and the landscape in the most spectactular ive ever seen. There is so much to do and being here is an experience.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What a feeling

New Zealand is possibly the most amazing place on the planet. Ive began my huge road trip around nz with the kiwi experience and the place is stunning. Everywhere you turn there is another waterfall, valley, river or mountain, yopu ncan understand how the lord of the rings was staged here.

Ive been travelling down the west coast and having one great experience. On monday I went jet boating in the most powerful jet boat in nz. We were smashing through waves over rocks and past cliffs with the rain pouring heavily. The driver was called Doc and he was a pshyco who kept racing towards rocks and then veering off at the last second, some people are just sick in the head. It was an amazing ride in which my life kept flashing before my eyes. It was my first taste of the extreme sports and im ready for more. It was definitely the wettest day ever though and nz was pouring with rain.

That night we had a 'bad taste' fancy dress party. I dressed up as an Aussi Rules footballer thinking it would be bad taste in nz, but to my astonishement I didnt win 1st prize, some irish girls dressed in witches outfits did! Anyway it was a good night considering we were in the middle of nowhere in farmland.

The nxt day brought a walk through the jungle which was pretty cool, and a view of the amazing ice glaciers in franz josef. The ice glaciers are massive and tomo im climbing them! Franz josef is the only place in the world where you can find an ice galcier nxt to a rainforest. New Zealand is truly magical in that way and im so happy to be here. Over and out. Neil

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Zealand or one big farm?

When arriving at the airport at Melbourne I was somewhat alarmed to see my plane's engine had exploded due to a flamingo getting stuck in the engine! My flight was delayed overnight and I was put up in a fancy hotel which was the best accomodation id seen in a while. When flying over Christchurch New Zealand the nxt morning I saw a host of mountains and was overwhelmed by Lord of the Ring territory. The landscape in New Zealand is stunning, its like being on another planet. Then suddenly all the mountains couldnt be seen and all there was were flat farms!

Christchurch is actually the flattest part of the whole of New Zealand, which was a bit strange and different from what I imagined. The first night I was there I went to a Rugby bar and met a kiwi uni rugby team so i went out to 4 different night clubs with them. The maori players are absolutely huge and built like brick stacks, so I felt safe that the team werent going to get beaten up.

The nxt day i went out of the flat city centre to go on a gondala (a seat thing that moves up a cord to top of mountains). This is alot more like Lord of the Rings world where the clouds settle on the mountain tops and you feel a war is ready to start. After walking through the mountains and feeling alot like a shepherd with all the random sheep running around I made a descent back to Wales-like-territory.

On the way back some drunk tramp had around his neck saying he was the chess champion so I thought Id take him on and teach him a thing or two. The tramp won though. The board we played on was with huge pieces in the middle of the town square and it was quite fun physically removing pieces you took. The tramp was too good, never unestimate a tramp.

Tomo I move on travel around the south island. Already i have sky diving, bungee jumping, white water rafting and walking along glaciers in my sites so if you dont see a blog for a while something has probably gone wrong somewhere! Over and out. Neil

Monday, April 17, 2006

George of the Jungle, A Farm and Squash

This week was a bit strange, very differnent and alot of fun. It started with the arrivial of George Mcbride who looked like he ahd come fresh from the jungle. He stunk and smelled of Africa but he was soon at home in Club Twang. Me and George went through a host of things including an AFL foootball match and going into Melbourne city centre at night. Then at the weekend Twang decided to go on a road trip to a remote holiday house next to a lake, so off the house went.

Unfortunately when we got there there was no water in the lake. In fact we were in the middle of nowhere with no phones, TV or even food. But on the bright side there were lots of colourful birds! 2 days before we got there I saw an advertisement for a squash tournamnets with the winner getting about 400 quid. Luckily we had driven a safari van to get there so I was able to get the tournament. After winning 2 matches I got hammered by the world no.69. Funny the random places peopel will go to win money. The own had only 16 people living there, and the squash tournament had 32 people! When I got bakc from the squash I saw George throwing up over the balcony because he was trying to achieve Cardinalship. That involved drinking hideous amounts of alcohol, and talking some carp about cardinal puff.

The next day George left and was asked to drink out of a boot as a leaving present. The boot had about 60% alcohol in it. George was supposed to catch a bus to Sydney hours later if he missed it I havent got a clue why!

Another starnge thing that happened was when I visited the Australain Institute of Sport with a squash friend. I ahd borrowed twangs Geelong (AFL team) Top to go to the gym and using the weights when I started getting randomly chirped by about 15 huge guys. After tehy had finished the abuse a group of children on the side started having a dig. At one moment I was scared they thought I was English, but I was then told that it was a Collingwood ( another AFL team) supporters day and that I was wearing their rivals kit. At that point I considered telling them I was English, but my hindsight prevailed.

Melbourne is very cool and ive had a great time here on friday I fly to New Zealand and the extreme sports begin, but I still cant imagine a week stranger than this.