Thursday, February 23, 2006

Its All About The Townships

South Africa is an amazing place as ive already found out, with beaches, women and sport! But the most amazing part of SA is often overlooked, the townships. Millions of South Africans lve in the vibrant communities and today I visited a few of them with Thembile from my hosle, and 7 Norwegian girls.

Thembile is about 30 and has lived in the townships all his life, with him he brought Patrick who is the same age, but who had previously been in the army cntrolling Thembiles township. Today they both work together in the hostile, side by side, which is very liberating.

The townships are often thought of as violent and poor, and are potrayed as miserable places to live. Although the shacks did shock me, what was clear was that they had strong commuities with happy children and energetic people. I loved playing football with the children and playing games with them. However I was badly embaressed on the dance floor by their moves which put me in my place.

I also visited a witch doctor who told m he could cure cancer, cure my cold or give me love potion! I told him my sweat was love potion but he wasnt having any of it. The weird thing is that in South Africa homeopathic doctors are recognised by law, so if you need a sick note.....

Thembile tried to get me to eat a sheeps head or eat a chicken which would be killed in front of me but i wasnt interested. The culture here may be different but it is loud, vibrant and happy. We shouldnt look down on the townsips with symapthy we should try to help them make their communities stronger, not help them destroy it.

The moment that struck me most was when we visited a centre set up by South Africans to teach youngsters skills, like blacksmithing, mechanics and pottery so that they could make their lives better with skills. The centre is not funded by the government but is funded by the selling of pottery and items by the centre. I hope that I have created a strong link here ans that the next Huduma Fest could go to this amazing cause.

The townships were amazing in terms of spirit, culture and fun, and are my favourite part of this amazing country.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Reach for the Sky

Destination: Table Top Mountain
Mission: To climb up and down mountain
Team: 2 Africans, 4 Irish girls, 4 Dutch girls, 3 Dutch guys and Neil
Problem: Irish girls!

I knew the trek was dangerous, but after one step up the mountain, the first Irish girl was suffering vertigo and refused to go any further! Th trek was harder than I thought being and ultra fit sportsman I thought I could skip up the mountain. I couldnt!! The steps were big even for me and it was 3 hours of pure climbing. The views were stunning and I was motivated by doing the Rocky pose that Rocky does in Rocky 4 when hes training for Ivan Drago. After completing the heroic rise to the summit of the mountain, we chilled out and celebrated the great achievement.

Then due to the cable car being out of service due to power failures in CT we were forved to walk down the mountain which was dangerous to say the least. One slip and its abig mounatin, long way down even for me. Luckily I survived although the irish girls had a mare and took a very long time to get down the mountain, they need a lepricon probably.

Anywayz it was an adventure! Been playing insane amount of cricket and squash here and having alot of fun doing lots of cool stuff. Going to townships tomo, and oh yeh cooked my first meal for 6 norwegian girls yesterday, and it was edible. Gonna be in jacuzi today to recover from the mountain and the constant references to the S Club 7 song, Reach up for the Sky, damn the dutch!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Only in Africa

Worst day in the history of Cape Town! The whole of the city had a power failure, so no electricity, TV, radio, internet, washng, telephones, i.e nothing working! To elevate the problem it was pouring with rain for the first time in a month. The Cape Town Stormers Rugby team lost narrowly to the Aussie Waratahs and their cricket side got slaughtered!

Ah well! Its all kinda funny I suppose, living on candles and a pool table for a day! Only in Africa could the infrastructure allow such at thing!
p.s. On the brighter front I score 50 not out the day b4

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good beachs, Great Sport, Even better women

Amazing day! Got up late from night before and went with some people from my hostile to te beach. A good friend of mine from England recommened Clifton and he is now my best friend. Its a models beach and to be quite honest baywatch has nothing on Clifton! If anyone wants photos email me it can be arranged, but photos were the last thing on my mind in Clifton.

After the beach I returned only to go to a Rugby Match, The Stormers v the Waratahs. Atmosphere was sick and it felt good being knowledgeable about rugby compared with the girls. The Stormers led only to lose late on but thats ok cos im used to it with watching tiffin.

When we got back we sat n the jacuzi for 3 hours sipping wine and listening to Bob Marley, whilst looking over Table Mountain! The day was sick, but my best days are in the township with the real Souh african people, the thing is that in Cape Town you can live like a king like I have today, or yopu can dance like a king in the Townships! The place is so diverse, i didnt take my camera to the township last time cos it would have got jacked, but i will nxt time, te people there are amazing!

Anyways having time of my life here, got cricket tomo, squash the nxt day and in between the beaches, townships, and women are enough to keep me busy, Neil

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

South Africa needs Robin Hood

What an amazing place! The first thing that struck me is that some people are so poor here, living on the streets and others live in paradise. We need Robin Hood to distribute this wealth, but I think not even the great man could accomplish that.

The place i'm staying is a backpackers and its cool. There are so may beautiful girls here ( sorry J they like taller guys), and lots of travellers so its a party the whole the time. The area i'm staying is neither rich or poor, but ive been told not to leave the place a night alone. Today 3 norwegian girls, a dutch girl and me went round town and the waterfront, with our guard, called Lebo (one with stupid hat) who is from Johanesburg. We feel safe with him and I back him in a fight with most people. Hes also trying it on with all the girls. The other guy who works here is already going out with one of the Norwegians! Theres a big party here on saturday to say goodbye to 12 danish girls researching aids, ( apparently sent by the government), so that will be sick.

The squash and cricket club Im going to play for is Neil's paradise. I've played two matches against team players and won them both so far but they were tough, cos South Africans don't like losing without a fight. Today I played for the squash section in an eight a-side competition against the 2nd team cricket. We got hammered, and when team needed a hero I was there for my 10 runs until I got caught by a freak one handed catch! Im not bullshitting it was a good catch. Anyways I dont think our guys took it too seriously considering I saw them each drink at least 5 beers, and that was before the match. The guys here are really funny, one guy Gavin who must be in his 40's acts like hes 16 and has ahostile in which he teachs Brazilians to speak English, all girls. Another guy Duncan owns his own womens underwear business. The guys here love their sport and party hard afterwards! On Sunday theres a party cricket match with an all day bbq, so hopefully I can rediscover some runs, cos the bowlers will be pretty drunk.

This place is stunning to be in the landscape is so beautiful. Tommorow im going into a township with Lebo and the girls to see the poorer areas of Cape Town and try to get taste of the real poverty in South Africa. We are also going kayaking, climbing table mounatain (its in bare of my pictures), going to see a Super 14 Rugby match and see all 5 days the test match cos my squash team owns the test stadium, talk about rich!

The people are great, places is beautiful and culture is wonderful to be a part of. This place is amazing in everyway, and i find myself rejuvinated with te energy which I havent had in a while. And the ones who know me best know i like to live with energy.

p.s yes im doing my own washing now, thats not just me next to a washing machine for jokes!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Leaving Party

The venue had changed but the crowd was very much the same. Instead of the traditional pub venue (wetherspoons!) on a friday I decided to make veryone go to a 5 year olds favourite restraurant, TGI fridays. At first I thought the night would turn sour when I unvealed my plan to destroy the show sex in the city, and create a new show with just alice. With Sarah practically becoming Mrs Lewis, and the other members of the crew losing their spontaneity (is that a word), I felt this was the only way forward. Luckily Ella and Lucy thought they were having a movie and Sophies always happy anyway so it worked out.

Will gave me his new Cd which we all know will lead him to the promised land of fame, and Gaj and Kam ate themselves silly, whilst drinking bare. Come to think of it nothing much changes!

Some of the highlights of the night were my birthday celebration, standing on a chair with a cake, and somebody getting knocked out by a bouncer. Also Kamran and Wills deep discussion at 4 o'clock in the morning was a priceless debate.

Anyways, Goodbye if you want a chat just fly out Africa I'll talk to you there.
But here are my predictions for the next 5 months,
Kamran will try to break up a fight and find himself innocently attacked! He will then use his connections in the mortage industry to take away the homes of the people responsible!
Olivia will become a cook and will repalce Ainsley on Ready Steady Cook, b4 joining eastenders as Pat Butchers sister.
Gaj will be involved in mass fraud, and will fight in the courts to clear his name, whilst setting up the huduma charity and saving peoples lives.
Will is going to join a gym and give up cigarettes, b4 marching in support of George Bush.
The tiffin girls will be left in a mess with no direction after im gone, an dthey will eventually gang up on alice out of jealously, also ella might find a new mysterious man.
Secker and T will continue being short, Dips will buy a BMW and JonnyMellet will take 50 wickets!

Thats bout it, see you in Africa