Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Been around the world and I........

I have finally come to the end of the best and craziest 5 months of my life. I arrived home on Sunday and Im still in a daze attempting to fit into the normality and routine of life. I think thats partly the reason for this final page, a kinda attempt to reflect on what ive done. Every place I went to was special, whether it was the women of South Africa or the food of Hong Ong, the extreme sports of New Zealand or the fruit smoothies on the ebach in Aus, every place was a cool experience. Thank you to everyone for the emails along the way some encouraging and others very funny. This blog was my down time, my time to think and looking back on it triggers amazing memories. Im gonna leave my last ever blog with a list of my 11 favourite moments.

Cant wait to see all my mates again and to the friends I met along the way I hope our paths cross again maybe not in such crazy circumstances, who knows!

11) White Water Rafting- Ive still got water in my ears
10) Elephant treking in the Jungle - very spiritual
9) Meeting Harold Bishop-WHAT A MOMENT!
8) Climbing Table Mountain- was a bitch but felt like rocky at the top.
7) Full Moon Party- 10,000 people raving on the beach cant go wrong .
6) Ice Glacier Hike- weird and sereal but so amazing.
5) South African Safari- felt like Jurassic Park and seeing Lions was cool, if the Lion had eaten someone this could have been no.1!
4) Sharkdiving- The most frightening and mesmorising moment of them all, just happy im alive really!
3) Cave Adventure- Just so much fun, abseiling, rafting and hiking up waterfalls, adrenaline rush!
2) Skydiving- Jumping out of a plane at 200 mph freefalling 1.5 miles, nuff said.
1) Dancing in South African Townships- Coolest moment and the moment which meant the most. Amazing spirit of South Africa brought out here, the place where people were the happiest was the place they were the poorest.

Favourite place: Cape Town South Africa

Funniest person I met: Twang the Australian from Club Twang

Best Food: Hong Kong! (thank god they can cook)

Most beautiful women: South Africa

Over and Out.
Final Log Off.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Nelly the Elephant treking in the Jungle!

North of Chaing Mai I embarked on a 2 day Jungle Trek, which involved a whole lot of walking, bit of swimming, a ride on a huge elephant and rafting on bamboo. This was a crazy asian jungle adventure!

The first thing that made the whole journey somewhat crazy was that our thai team leader thought he was Jackie Chan. He kept on practicing kung-fu and cutting down random trees as we used deforestation to get through the jungle. Then when we finally made our way out of the jungle after hiking for 3 hours we found a small hut with one room to sleep in. The whole thing was a cool experience but the lack of electricity and huge amount of asian insects made life a bit uncomfortable.

The next day we rode some elephants and alot of people realised their dreams. Riding on an elephant through the jungle is a sereal experience and a sometimes scary one as the elephant devours trees around hima and sometimes just goes on his own route. The animasl seemed lethargic and clumsy but you could only feel soory for the huge amimal as they were treated so badly by their owners. They were whipped cut and smashed around with groans of pain, and it was a completely different experience to the South African safari. This animal was not free he lumbered around not out of choice or mystery, but because it was forced to do so. The whole thing was completely manufactured.

The next leg of the adventure was the bamboo rafting. At first we had a raft with the 2 girls and Muoley and me, but the raft snak. I bame Mouley and Burger King for this. Then we seperated the raft and floated for 2 glorious hours to our destination, the whole thing was a complete contrast to the jungle treking of the previous day.

Now I leave Thailand and conclude my journey feeling amazed by what Ive seen and ready to return home. I dont really feel tired from travelling I rather feel refreshed by it and am ready to return to the home crew.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Kingdom of Thailand and a Big Budha

Today I went with Mouley, Charlotte and Abby to visit the Kings Palace in Bqangkok and some absolutely huge giant gold Budha. The Palace sparkles with gold and diamonds and is stunning, and puts Buckingham Palace to shame.

The Palace is so vast and beautiful and brings to life eastern art. There is a painting of the story of thai history on the inside which winds around all the interior walls and on the whole it dosent seem as voilent as the history of the west. The Buddist culture shines through and inside on building was a golden holy room where people prayed and meditated. When we came out people were dipping flowers in water and putting them on their heads so I followed their lead. I dont know what the whole ceremony meant but hopefully ignorance is bliss.

Then on we moved to the giant Budha. It was ridiculously big and the statue occupied at least 200 metres in length. The whole experience was hugely spiritual! Religion is dominant in Thaialnd but not in an oppressive way. Religion means peace here and it is used to solve disputes and not start them. Maybe this reflects the minute amount of wars Thaialnd has been involved in.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Beach

Today I was free of the hospital and walked around the small exotic island of Koh Toa. The island is beautiful and the beach therapy which I needed wasnt far away.
The beach on the island is more rugged than those in Cape Town and Sydney, and has a much more secluded feel to it.

The first island I visited in Thailand, Koh Samui, was consumed with tourism with building eating away into the sand. Koh Tao however had alot less people with areas away from dive sites being completely empty and secluded. The beaches are tranquil and the water is almost clear at places making you think your in paradise. Its funny how different the worlds beaches are, I always just thought a beach was a beach. Also talking about the beach the movie was filmed in Thailand and I know its one of my mates favourite movies, so hope this page looks familiar.

Everthing is so cheap here by western standards and the thai people are so friendly that I think it is an amazing place to come. However, everyday more and more buildings are being built and the natural beauty of the islands are being lost. Soon I think Thailand's islands will look alot like the commercialed holiday islands which is a shame.

Next on to Bangkok for some cheap shopping, if anyone wants anything email me. Then to North thailand to do an elephant trek, the way i see it no adventure is complet without an elephant.

Over and Out.


In which photo does mouley look most bloated?

While doing my dive course and being amazed by the beauty of the underwater world I was annoyingly admited to hospital with a very high fever. I stayed on a drip for three days and feel ready to take the world on again. In order to add some humour to my misfortune I will let you select the picture of mouley in which you think he looks most bloated. ITS QUITE TOUGH.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Full Moon Party!

Last Night and this morning I was at the biggest and best party of my life. Ive left the city of Hong Kong and am now in Thailand. After arriving at the airport I rushed to meet Mouley, Raj, a Danish girl and an English guy who had just come from India to get a 14 hour coach and ferry to the island of Ko Samui. The island is like a beautiful women with too much make up on! It is full of tourists and reminded me of the Greek island Kos. However in the evening we took a taxi over to the next island Ko Pan Yang for the famous full moon party. Every month on the full moon 10,000 people join for a huge party on the beach and it was an amazing party.

The beach was full of people dancing, fire dancers reminscent of those in Cape Town, lots of food, drinks, bars and music and the party just never stopped. Its probably still going on too be honest with you. People were all so happy, with people dancing on rocks, roofs, trees and the beach. The party had so many people and was so crazy that by the end people just danced in the sea as there was no space on the beach. Happy days!

The thailand culture seems to be so friendly and happy though to be honest im on a tourist island so I cant claim to know the real thailand as of yet. We are moving up to another island soon called Ko Tao which is supposed to have some of the best scuba diving in the world. If Ive taken on sharks I feel I can dive however with my mate mouley in the water he could provoke anything, or on the other hand he may just float. We are going to do a diving course and hopefully get licenses to free dive.

After that I have an obsession with Ko Pi Pi the island on which the film, 'The Beach' was made so we will head over to the other end of the country to an island of seclusion and beauty as apposed to the tourist haven which we're in now. South East Asia is a special place and the people and the culture are so diverse. The other day everyone stood and bowed to the sattue of their king which was made of gold. Very different!